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Surprise evening

Hi all. Today we had a surprise evening with my dad and Margot his girlfriend, her two sons Raymond and Wouter, my sister Karlijn and (allmost ;-) brother in law Stefan. I still had to finish the last bit on the surprise I made for my ‘victom’ and needed some wrappingpaper and a glue stick to get it all done. Stefan would be at my place at around noon so I got up early (for me anyway) to get things done.

Because my car was gone I walked to the centre of town to get the stuff I needed. And because I forgot my wallet I did it again to be able to pay for it too.(Duh!) In the end all went well and my surprise looked better than expected if I say so myself.

It was nicely finished when Stefan arived and we spend the rest of the afternoon playing Gran Turismo 3 on the playstation.

Even though in the beginning I really didn’t want to be there, the surprise evening was a succes I think. Everbody was overloaded with the needed poems and presents and we had a great time toghether. I got a snookerbook and a small pocketbook with things to do before your 30th birthday.(and I do need to hurry I guess) from my sister, who pulled me out of the hat to make her surprise for, I also got a Starwars Episode 1 Insiders Guide wich is really nice and a cool pizza slicer (wich I really needed because the old one got less sharp so …)

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