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The BX

Hi all. I promised to give you guys a bit more inside information from the ‘exiting’ world of the BX. Were to start? It’s a car from nineteen eighty seven, it’s French and it’s grey metallic. So much for the good news. (Not counting the French part :-)

The bad news is that the car has a leak. Oh I’m sorry, did I say ‘a’ leak? It has plenty. Two by the windshield (in both upper corners) and one somewhere in the rear. The fan inside the heater is wasted. (Remember the Christmas day?) This means that I have to ride the darn thing with all windows a little opened to get a bit or air flowing through the inside to keep the windows clean from condensation.

The two leaks in the windshield make sure that the front seats act like they are having a contest about which one can hold the most water or something. Sponge … ring a bell? Speaking of the front seat, the one on the drivers side stands with an angle so everytime I step out of the car (or do my best trying) I have to firmly straighten my back again.

The rear window heating works for about five percent so this doesn’t help either. However there is still a bit of good news: it stopped freezing where I live, so I don’t have to get rid of the ice on both inside and outside of the car. So much for the BX. Just don’t wanthink about the darn thing most of the time.

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