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Lord of the Rings part II

Hi all. Hehe … part II … got you fooled there *grin*

Stefan, my sister and me decided that we wanted to see The Lord of the Rings again only this time in a really big theater to experience the movie the way it must have been ment. I was in charge of the reservations and started calling the cinema.

The first choice was the Centrum Theater in Nijmegen which is by far my most favorite on this side of the country. (the most favorite is the Toushinski Theater in Amsterdam by the way) After being put on hold for about fifteen minutes the friendly voice on the other end simply told me that their theater was not running Lord of the rings … bummer :-)

Okay not to worry, there are more theaters in Nijmegen. The next call went better. Reservation number was ‘12345’ (okay okay, so I don’t remember it too well. I’m thirty now remember?) and there we were standing in line at the Carolus Theater. ‘What was your number again’ asked the friendly lady in the booth. ‘12345’ I answered. Frowning eyebrowes behind the counter as the result. ‘And for which movie are you here’ she tried again. ‘Lord of the rings’ I answered happy, smiling at his sister and Stefan, still unaware of the problem. ‘Oh, but we don’t run that movie here’ she said. You will have to go to the Calypso Theater.

Ah. Well okay. See you later. (sigh) So in the end we were looking at this film in about the same size theater we saw it in the first time ….

Life is hard and still full of surprises ;-)

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