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Jos Verstappen fanclub

Hi all. The Jos Verstappen Fanclub day. I got invited by my snookermate Bas to join him to this event. Bas is a member of the fan club and members are allowed to bring one friend. That was me. It was cool to see Jos himself live on stage so to speak.

Jos was interviewed by Mr. Formula One himself: Olav Mol who’s reputation of enormous knowledge combined with a equally large dosis of humor during the reporting the Formula 1 races is well known by the Formula 1 fans in Holland and beyond.

The event was due to start at about two o clock but while this interview was well on it’s way the highways were still filled with people on their way trying to get to it. This made the organisation decide to repeat the entire interview and the show at a later time so everybody could enjoy it.

Both Bas and me were kind of exhausted after standing on our feet for about five! straight hours. Hey we’re not eighteen anymore! We just look like it :-)

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