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Race weekend

Hi all. What a weekend! In my scheduler it said ‘race weekend with Stefan’. This started Saturday at about ten a.m. We have these kind of weekends every now and then and I have to pack up my entire computer stuff. So this means four walks to the car and back at my place and two mostly at the destination because I have help there :-)

When everything is hooked up again the power switch is given a gentle push and the whole room lights up when the ‘machines’ come to life. First some simple checking weather or not the network is active and working the way we need it to be able to play multiplayer games. Then we attached our steering wheels to the table and fired up F1 2001.

And here is were we lost the ‘race’ in race weekend … No matter what we tried we could not get it to work in multiplayer mode. Even tough we have done it before and will do it again. Because we build a new 100 MB/s nic in Stefan’s machine I first thought it had something to do with the settings of this card but nothing was found.

The strange thing was that just about every other game seemed to work just fine and only F1 2001 would not work. We decided to let it rest and spend our time doing another game. Startopia was our next try and here is were we gained the ‘Startopia’ in Startopia weekend :-) I think me and Stefan played Startopia for just about two full days!

In the end we congratulated each other with a we-will-call-it-even victory over the other one. I will explain something about the game later on but by Sunday evening we ended up with each owning half of the doughnut and deploying a defense system that would have made the top 10 wanted list of any army!

This resulted in a short but very exiting battle whenever both Stefan or myself tried to conquer a segment from the other player. In the end the doors went shut again and nobody gained or lost anything *grin* We could have played for a whole week and still not have a victor so even it was.

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