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Gran Turismo 3

Hi all. Another trip around the world with the BX. This time to a friend of mine to spend a day at the races with Gran Turismo 3. This actually is the friend who is responsible for Biek having a playstation. Did I ever tell you this? Ah I found it. It’s in the archives. Check it out!

— insert story here —

Anyway one nice feature of Gran Turismo (GT3 from here on) is that you can trade won cars with another GT3 racer. We thought we could just give away cars to make the other player happy but sadly this was not the way things are done in GT3 country.

My friend who had a bit of a head start when buying the playstation first did miss two things in his garage: money and cars *grin*

However I had completed more than ninety precent of the game and owned about one hundred and fifteen cars and almost drowned in money. This was also the reason why it was such a shame the car-giving could not go through.

After scrolling through my impressive list of gained cars and driving a few of them on the tracks my friend showed his real self and asked me to overwrite his saved game to end up with my cars and (hard) earned money. This of course struck my ego so it was done swiftly. Although I have not heard much of him since I believe he has lots of fun with all the cars ;-)

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