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Race weekend again

Hi all. After running the shop I went to Bas for another one of those race weekends :-) After setting up the equipment we first wanted to find out why F1 2001 would not work in multiplayer mode.

After a couple of re-installs I suddenly realized that I was running the game with an update from Electronic Arts and that both Stefan and Bas were not … So after another re-install without the update the game was running just fine again. Sometimes things are too simple to stumble across.

The rest of the weekend went perfectly. For the first time ever I was beating Bas with Formula One racing! This however needs a bit explaining. I think it was Thursday that we earned about Jos Verstappen his racing contract being ended by Mr. Tom Walkinshaw from the Orange Arrows Racing team. Needless to say we stopped all of our Arrows activities and simply had to start driving a different car in F1 2001.

This was not quite as simple as you might think. There is the problem that you make your own car settings in order to be faster around the tracks and that these settings are not exchangeable between different brands of cars. For instance when I tried my Arrows settings in a Jordan car I was all over the track but no where near my usual driving.

This means we had to find a car that was both nice to look at and driving basically good with our Arrows settings. Otherwise we had to start over with developing settings for the new car and this is quite a bit of work as you might imagine. Bas choose to go back to his second most favorite driver Jacques Villeneuve and started to drive in the B.A.R. car. I kind of liked the steering wheel and the overall looks of the Sauber car and went with this car.

The funny thing (funny for me that is) is that the Sauber just drove like a glove with the Arrows settings and that the B.A.R. was not quite so good to drive. This was a big advantage for me and it was also the reason for my victory over Bas. Finally!

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