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Hi all. Yet another race weekend? Well yes and no. Yes there has been some racing and no it was not an entire weekend :-) The long expected videocard for Stefan’s computer had finally arrived and we were going to build it in.

A little bit anxious about how good the results were going to be because it was not your standard GeForce2 upgrade. Stefan has an Packard & Bell machine which has an on-board videocard. This however does use the AGP slot so when you want to upgrade your bit & bytes factory :-) all you can add is an PCI version.

The trouble then was getting an ‘up to date’ videocard with an PCI connector. And after waiting patiently (he did not have much of a choice by the way ;-) the GeForce2 cpu finally was available with an PCI connector. So they (because when I say Stefan’s machine I actually mean my sister’s and Stefan’s machine) ordered one through our usual hardware supplier (thanks dad :-) and this Sunday we Stefan and Biek) were going to give the pixels some extra kick in the b…

After installing everything the end result was more or less what we had hoped so this was a big thumbs up! And then we started the time killing routine of starting up all graphics demanding applications this means all the games ;-) to alter their settings for the best possible picture and speed.

Needless to say at the end of the day Stefan was a happy man.

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