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That big ol’ truck

Hi all. Do you ever have that feeling as if a big ol’ ugly truck just ran you over? I think this is a pretty close description of how I feel right now. Looks like I just never learn.

Staying up late to watch television is one thing but doing this knowing you have to get up to go to work and having no more than five hours of sleep is not a sane decision for somebody my age :-) The qualifying took until four thirty last night so when I got up this morning the man with the hammer got in his truck and started driving.

After the running over process I got to work. A good friend of mine invited him for diner after work so he went over there after the shop closed. It was quite nice and I left their house at about ten p.m. From the car I then called Bas who was going to come over to my place to both watch the race and keep me awake :-) to tell him that Biek was on his way home.

Bas arrived at about eleven I think. We first tried to pick a movie to watch (we had some time to pass before the race was going to start at four! a.m.) and got ourselves some coffee. After watching the movie and going over the highlights from last years race, this years race started and what an explosive start of the season it was! These are the kind of starts that keep you awake for quite some time I can assure you.

Using lots of coffee and cola light (caffeine was the main thing here) we managed to see the entire race without dosing of for a second. The whole spectacle ended at about six a.m. and when I finally hit the bed it was as if the instant sleeping device had taken over.

Even before my head touched my pillow I was well asleep.

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