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A good day turning bad

Hi all. Today started okay because Eve’s daughter has her birthday so i called the little girl (don’t tell anyone I called her that by the way) to wish her a nice day. She turned fourteen (going on fifteen) and is really starting to grow up fast now. I was at work of course, this being a Saturday and all.

At about two thirty however everything went the other way when Mr. v. Bemmel called to tell me that his wife had suddenly died, about half an hour earlier. She was eighty five years old but this still came as a surprise because there was nothing wrong with her.

She and Mr. v. Bemmel have been together for a little over sixty two years. Needless to say this was a enormous shock to Mr. v. Bemmel as well. This afternoon his children are coming over and tomorrow Biek will go over to be support him the best way possible.

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