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So sleepy

Hi there. I’m tired. This morning I overslept myself, and I think there is no worse start of a day. Work itself was a little slow today and I just could not get into my usual working rhythm. So I more or less sat it out and waited for the bell. Which came at about noon when our superviser picked not the very best moment to ask me where my pace had gone. Right. Unable to tell her exactly what was wrong I returned to his seat to get things going. I did get most of the work done but had to stay to about 18.00 while I usually leave at 16.30. I guess it was only fair today.

Then I fired up the ugly Seat and drove to a very good friend of me who had troubles with his pc. The only downside to that is that he lives allmost on the other side of the country. Good for the Airmiles though ;-) When I got there I couldn’t fix his machine as it turned out to have a broken processor fan. I don’t know about you but I don’t carry these things around with me so I had to take the pc with me and drop it off at my dad’s store. There me and dad a had a quick chat and I left to get home just about now.

Because I want to get some of the sleep back I lost last night I’ll make this a short one. Tomorrow is another day and after the GPL race on Donnington I’ll have some more to tell you I hope :-)


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