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The introduction of Biek

Tap tap … is this thing on?

Dear reader, welcome and thanks for dropping by. This is my diary and I will write down the things that happen to me and which I think are worth mentioning. And we’re going to do so right here, at this Blogspot.

About Biek … Biek … yes I’ve heard the name being mentioned around here before but …. ah yes I remember now. He’s the so called ‘brain’ behind all this foolishness isn’t he? Yes I’m pretty sure he’s the one. And you came here hoping to read all the nasty details about him, right? What’s there to say? Let’s start with what we know for a fact and go from there:

Name: Biek (or Biek for friends)
Born: Yes (oh very funny…) on the 20th December 1971 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Nationality: Well reading the above line I think this should make him a Dutchman
Hair: Natural blond and loving it :-)
Size: 6 ft (tall of course, what were you thinking?)
Weight: No comment (actually it is about 145 pounds but Biek doesn’t like talking about it :-)
Blood type: O-positive (Always oh-so-positive)

Occupation: ICT Technician
Car: 1964 Volvo Amazon Coupe (unfortunately I had to let the Volvo go, and I miss her dearly)
Bike: Actualy Biek has 2 but has no clue whatsoever about how to use them
Hobbies: Cars, Formula One racing, computers, (racing) games, movies, snooker and yes the playstation 2
Favorite food: Pizza, pizza, pizza, Chinese (the food that is), chili, Greek (food again) and coffee (did I mention pizza?)

And you probably can guess the rest can’t you? A model citizen, I don’t drink or smoke, never exceed the speed limit (anymore…darnit), as said I love to play snooker, watch movies (both in theaters and at home), like playing (computer) games and I actually like my job.

When you, for whatever reason, want to get to know me a little better I suggest you start or keep on reading this log. That should give you a pretty good idea of the Biek.

Uncle Biek

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