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Well well well. What to say. Geez, I made quite a mess of Donington. In short I had too little practise, a too big headache and basically was not in good condition to drive. However I did start the race and 26 laps later finished 10th. Things could have been worse I guess but I wasn’t all that happy about it. The thing is I didn’t like the track that much from the start so it’s good that we have this one behind us. By the way we have a more complete racereport on the way so stay tuned.

But there is also some good news. Tonight we had snooker competition which went a whole lot better that racing :-) We were up against our #1 team from Matchroom and were able to beat them 5 to 4. So that gave us a great motivational boost and overall happy happy joy joy feelings, I can tell you. Biek won one frame, as did Jaap. And Bas managed to take all his 3 frames with a victory, it’s good we brought him with us ;-) Whoahahaha (insiders joke)


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