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Hi folks. Last weekend I mostly tried to master the Lomac (Lock On Modern Air Combat) flightsimulator. Knowing myself you can count on it that this is not an arcade game but a full option simulation so you better grow some extra hands to be able to use all 101 keys on your keyboard ;-)

After a while I was getting the hang of it and was capable of taking off (duh! big deal), landing, locking targets (and shooting them of course, Combact remember? :-), etc. Allmost every basic trick has been tried out and practised. This one and a half day of flying doesn’t make me the most feared airwarrior yet, but we’re getting there one step at a time. Someday …

Today work was kinda hecktic. We use Notes for mail system (I know I know, we all make mistakes) and about two third of our servers went down. Needless to say our phone didn’t stop ringing for quite some time and we had to repeat the same message over and over again: yes we know they’re down, no we don’t know when it’s fixed (the classic ‘ don’t call us, we’ll call you’ approach) … Somedays you wish you’d stay at home, in bed, and pretended you didn’t hear the alarmclock …

Tonight I’m finaly going to see Kill Bill in the cinema (yes it still runs overhere) and I’m really looking foward to that. So tomorrow I’ll let you know what I think of it. Beware! LOL

Take care,

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