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The movie-weekend

Hi all. Well yesterday we had great fun. We watched The 5th Element (our all time favorite sf movie I guess), Resident Evil, Very Bad Tings and Final Fantasy. In between them we went for a quick shopping moment, my sister and brother in law came by to drop off a very nice desk and later on we had my favorite pizza & grill room bring us some food. A very nice and good movie day so to speak. We also had a lot of help from the weather by the way. It was a very bad rainy day and this is by default good movie weather right?

The start of the sunday was, to say the least, not what I expected. I was cold, shakey, feeling as if my body decided to turn itself inside out and had a major headache. The kind that happens avery other year or so. Just really not okay. Problem was I had planned to start with day 2 of our little movie marathon so this illness was not good timing.

Second problem was that I didn’t have a single aspirine left anymore. So I called my dad if had some and went on route to get them. When I got there the first thing I did was take 2 and tried to stay erelaxed so they could begin to work but things one got worse from that moment on. I’ll spare you the details but afterwards I was cleaning the floor and stuff and so on …

Funny how that works by the way because allmost imidiately after you start feeling better as if something really was in the way and got out with the rest. Right now I feel about 200 times better than when I woke up this morning so we’re getting there.

Anyway, I’ll try to get to bed early tonight and sleep the rest away so I can be fit for work tomorrow.

We managed to watch one more movie and sort out her music whishlist before it got time to get her to a trainstation. Allways a shame how fast these weekends fly by when you’re having fun. We’ll


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