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DSZ Zeltweg – The race

4th. Oh I’m sorry, goodevening :-) And it was a good evening. As usual I didn’t have or take too much time for practising on our competition track, but this time it was limited to a total of about 50, maybe 60 laps. And allthough that may sound like quite a lot I can asure you that it’s peanuts compared to the nearly 2200 laps I drove on the Formula One tracks with F1 2002. So I had little practise this time.

My qualification went really good. I put my trusty Lotus 49 on the 8th place on the starting grid which is not bad concidering the above. When the race began I allmost crashed out in turn 1 (how about that for a newbie mistake, duh!) and managed to get it back on the track, but barely. The next few corners I drove just a little more secure but not slow enough for anyone to overtake me. Then the race settled and we each drove our laps round after round.

At first I was quite capable to keep up with the top 4 cars but after a small spin they we’re gone beyond the horizon and I’ve not seen any of them again. What I did see was the siluet of a second Lotus getting bigger and bigger in my rearview mirrors. They say that to drive real close to someone is one thing and to drive past someone a completely different, but this guys was trying his best. Resulting in 2 minor slips on his behalf so when I made my slightly bigger one we were back at homebase and the game could start all over again.

This is very cool racing, when we’re this close. You can’t afford mistakes or they will cost you dearly. The other guys however can’t make ‘ em eather so you both drive on the edge. And sometimes just over it ;-)

In the end I passed the finish line in 4th, just 32 seconds behind the race leader. When I estimate it correctly this will secure my 6th place in the overall standings, but we’ll see.

No matter what result I get from it, this was beyond doubt one of the very best races I ever drove online, so I’m pretty happy. And 4th …

Finish 4th,

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