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The weekend is here

Hi folks. Guess what: it’s weekend. And a well deserved one, I tell you.

Yesterday after the race and the usual after-chat was done I stayed up a little too late, waiting for someone who promised me she’d be online for a while. You know, just didn’t want to let her down. However she never showed up :-| Eventually I went to sleep at about 0.30.

My alarmclock started to make some weird noices this morning around 5.45 so only a couple of hours after I went to sleep (or so it seemed) I had to get up again. Aargh! When I have that once a week it’s not that big a problem, I can take that easily. But with the week I had it was just a little too much of a good thing and I had the worst of days. With my back hurting, a small but very irritating and constant headache and not nearly as much sleep as I needed I went to work.

At work during this week 3 of my colleagues went or stayed home, ranging from sick to very sick and another one (who’s name we can’t print, but she’s mentioned here before … ;-) stayed home today after getting crunched and de-crunched. That kind of thing happening to me would make me stay at home also I think.

Nonetheless we were just with the 4 of us today and we were so lucky that it wasn’t a usual busy day. Not having the time to even think about getting bored the day flew by like a hurricane (or a F-14 at full afterburner speed for that matter) so I was on my way home again before I knew it :-) I needed a fast day. Thinking about my bed allmost made me pack up and go. But I promised our supervisor I wouldn’t get sick before the others were back …

After getting home the first couple of hours I spend sleeping on the couch, and when I later tried to get up I realized that what I should have done was lay down in bed … man I’m busted now. I can only hope that when I wake up tomorrow I’m as good as new, this is just no good.

Speaking of night sleep: let’s get some …


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