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Hi, it’s me. For the first time in a (bit too) long period, I spend another nice evening with my sister and brother in law Stefan. I like being there very much, they make me feel right at home. Like I said before my sister could not have picked me a better brother in law. We get along so great. I never ever want to loose my sister, but if I could add a brother it would be that guy :-)

While he was buying and cooking diner (not that kind of buying, he is not as bad as me. He gets the ingredients and actually cooks them while I sometimes just order in complete meals :-) my sister and I went over some stuff we had to sort out. Maybe I’ll tell you folks the details someday but not now, as I just don’t feel like it. No nice things to mention anyway.

After the diner we sat down behind their pc which had a small problem (we didn’t know by then that ‘small’ was the right word, but you have to be optimistic) with a external harddrive. The drive wouldn’t alow formatting it and also seemed to be completely full. The strange thing was that there should have been about 38GB’s out of 40GB’s free space on it. We were not able to find out what caused it, but we did manage to format the disk and then use it normal again. Problem solved I guess. See? Told you. Small problem.

Then we watched the movie from their wedding, now about a half year ago (Look at the pictures), which I had not seen in a completely finished ‘directors cut’ stadium yet. Even though I’ve been working on it in secret with PP who did most of the work. I tell you, if you ever have a wedding and if you can afford this guy: get him! He has made such a great movie, truly unbelievable. Masterpiece! Oscar!

By the end of the movie we were all so sleepy (but not because of the movie of course) and we decided to call it the day and make a note for picking a next, longer meet and greet date. So then the short but nice evening ended and now I’m getting my butt in to bed, because I need the sleep.

Sweet dreams,

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