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Snooker tonight

Hi people. Somebody told me my Blog is getting somewhat boring with me always talking about either racing, flying (lately) or playing snooker. After reading back some posts and thinking this over I came to the conclusion that she may have a point there.

However those 3 mentioned ways of spending the little free time I have happen to be my absolute most favorite ones. Until now that is. You never know what the future holds but right now that how it is.

And added to that both with snooker and Grand Prix Legends I compete weekly on a national level. So that means there are going to be snooker and race results from time to time and I’d like to keep on posting them over here. So what’s a smart thing to do. For example I could sum up our 9 frames spanning snooker competition game from tonight in 2 words: we lost. If I wanted to ad another two words to double the length of that comment they’d be: big time.

Now I don’t know about you folks but personally that just doesn’t look right. It’s not the avarege fun-to-read-story you usualy find here. Sure, for now that’s enough information I think and I’ll see what I can (and will, don’t worry) do tomorrow but feel free to let me know your thoughts on this (overhere), since obviously the last thing I want to look like or become is boring. Please do tell me before that happens.

And of course I do a lot more than just those three things. On the Saturdays I work in my dads store, I can almost plan one default evening each week for helping out other people with their (pc) troubles, I like messing around with Otto, my bird, I love watching movies in the theater and at home, listen to music, etc. So it’s not that my life is in fact boring already (I hope), but it might always be a good thing to keep a open mind on things I guess.

Stay sharp,

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