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Animal sitter

Hi all. Yesterday evening Babs and I desperately tried to get her Blog template looking the way she wanted and finally we did it. It now only needs some minor tweaks (I hope/think) but then the base is nicely ready. It takes some effort but after that the result is more than worth it. Time flies when you’re hav … breaking your skull on nice visual challenges inside a Blogger template so the night was over before we knew it.

This morning I finally got my needed haircut. I can’t think of me getting bold any time soon with the speed it keep growing back. It’s okay for a while but then it gets into gear and shoots out. When you then, like I did again, miss your initial appointment with the hairdresser it really gets nasty. But not anymore, it’s nice now.

The animals. Yes yes, Biek is taking up his old profession as a animal sitter again. My dad is going on a holiday and needs someone to take care of the birds, chickens and plants. So for the upcoming three weeks I’ll be farmer Biek ;-) No need for tractors and other mechanics thank god, but still this will be busy times. I’ll need to visit the house at least every other day so that means it’s also good for the Airmiles level I think.

Today at my dad’s home I got the guided tour on which food goes where and stuff, so that my dad can have a nice holiday without any worries. Since there we not that many differences with last time we got through it quickly. The rest of the day was kinda easy because there wasn’t much else to do than abuse the internet :-) So I did. This whole Msn thing is kinda nice, especially when certain persons are online ;-) I had a great time, that’s for sure.

Bas called to see if I was up to playing some frames of snooker tonight and I think I will. Last Tuesday we mishit just about every shot and after a match like that you really need some good frames so you know you still have ‘it’ … We’ll see what happens tonight.

Shoot straight,

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