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Monday – Part III

Okay okay, before people start calling me names like Peter Jackson for making today into three parts with each having an open ending (don’t you just hate it when that happens :-) it was totally necessary.

Having this tricky apologizing part out of the way, I can tell you about my movie night. School of Rock! That was the name.

In short it a story of a guy who’s life is all about music. Only the money making bit isn’t working out well to say the least. Then one day his band replaces him with someone who they think is better and he needs to get something going to pay the rent and stuff.

Well he ends up in a school teaching kids. But he’s not teaching them the regular stuff, he discovers that those kids can play music and he starts to ‘teach’ them ROCK! In the end this band of school kids, called School of Rock, enters some sort of contest among amateur bands and they totally rock the place. I know I can’t describe it naerly as funny as it was on screen (allthough I am trying of course :-) but you have to trust me there is a whole lot more going on in that movie. Only you’ll have to go and see it to know :P

When anyone wants to see it also, please let me know because I’ll take you with me and watch it a second time. It’s on me. (I’ve learned that during weekdays we can go using Airmiles and I have a huge bunch of ’em, so …) What a cool and funny movie this is. You should all go out and see it. Please do yourself a favor and go! To this movie of course :-)

Rock safely,

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