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Otto in the house

Hi listeners ;-) It’s time to introduce ‘the other one’ living in my house: (woning ;-) Otto. Otto is green and he can fly. No I haven’t lost my mind, neither have I been drinking, please bare with me as I’ll try to tell you something about my little friend.

I never used to think that living together was my kind of thing, especially since I’m not home that much. I work during the days, have a couple of evenings where I’m not in, so where would be the fun in setting up a close relationship? We would see each other in the mornings, whish us a nice day at work and bump into one another in the evenings on those rare occasions where we actually would be home at the same time.

When I first took him home it was a fun ride. I drove my car up the highway and suddenly realized I was going a bit to fast maybe. When I glanced to the other seat Otto was just scratching himself behind his ear, no problem there. When I showed him my living room it took him quite a while to figure out just what was where. You know, the usual getting to know your environment kind of period.

Nowadays he’s getting more and more comfier and doesn’t hesitate to try out new thing in the room, looking carefully at them before climbing and walking over them. It’s nice to see him get comfortable to the room and me so quickly, really great!

Sometimes he doesn’t like to be put back in his cage. On those rare moments I can just walk after him through the entire room, trying to convince him otherwise. I just don’t like to have him loose freely when I’m not around. That’s when the flying bit comes to his aid. If he, for whatever reason, thinks I’m going to grab him he just takes off and flies to the other side of the room. Obviously he’s a much faster flier then I’m walking to then the ‘chase’ begins all over again. This is not often the case though, mostly he just let’s me pick him up and put him behind bars.

Right now he’s having a field day walking all over my fingers as I’m trying to type this blog to you. Somehow he just loves the sound of clicking keys very much …

Don’t fly, walk,

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