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Grand Prix Legends – Last race of the season

Hi people. It’s done. My first season of Grand Prix Legends online racing is finished. The last race was tonight on the circuit of Spa where I finished 7th. Not the best result, that’s very true unfortunately. But nonetheless I had a nice drive through the Belgium countryside.

The start of the race was kind of messy for me because I missed the flag guy completely. Add to that a bit of slowness due to the forgotten hi-res car models (I usually replace them with a standard set while online racing, although this looked great ;-) and you can imagine the kind of slideshow that was my first 100 meters. A bit to much on the gas with cold tires and my Lotus was trying to go in all directions but straight ahead. I thought Bas was the only one passing me with this incident so I wasn’t too concerned. Yet. Anyway, then the race was on it’s way.

When we came to turn 9 (I think, I’m not that great in knowing turns and stuff) things got a bit nasty. Of all people, my teammate Bas was in front of me, he had the better start remember, but he went a little wide coming out of the turn. To correct this he had lifted a little and that is what I should have done also. But I didn’t and hit him pretty hard from behind. Luckily I could resume the race in the same car, no need for shift-r yet. Sorry buddy :-)

Then a couple of laps later I made a small mistake giving Bas the chance to pass me again. After this passing we get almost a half lap of vintage GPRT driving, truly nice to watch in the replay. Bas chasing me, me chasing Bas, very cool. Maybe I’ll make it into a small movie, it’s just that nice. Then Bas makes a small mistake also and I can pass him again.

The bit that follows then is rather lonely for me because I’m way to far behind the car in front of me so I can’t see even the slightest bit of him and there are no cars visible behind me. So what do you do? You just stick in there and finish the race of course. I did have a small rendez-vouz with a backpacker on about the same bit of track where I ran into Bas earlier, but that was no big deal. Just a classic race incident. No hard feelings, shift-r and we we’re both on our way again. Appart from that nothing much happened, a shame I didn’t do better here. I did have good hopes for this race.

Right. Like I said I finished 7th in this race, but I also took the 7th place overall in the Dutch Simracing Zone Grand Prix Legends Division 3 Season 4 Competition! Look here for the final results. And that is not too bad for my first season. Set aside a couple of races that didn’t went as planned and I’m pretty happy with this result. Bas took 12th place in the end and Stefan 15th. As a the Giant Pixel Racing Team we finished 4th in our 3rd division and 8th overall! And I can tell you that I’m pretty pleased with that.

For sure we’ll be back for the next season and then I’m going for podium :-) Unless of course I’m driving the BRM I love so much, because then I’m going for 7th again, or maybe try for 6th. If I could succeed doing that in a BRM it would be an even better season then this one, but I’m still thinking about what to do. We’ll see.

See you next season,

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