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Hi people. The Friday at work was nice and easy. Not busy enough to go mad and not slow enough to get bored. Just got myself into gears at about eight am and stayed there for the rest of the day. Nothing special happened and for a Friday that is a good thing. Not that Fridays are disaster days but it’s nice to go into the weekend relaxed instead of stressed out after a busy day.

Me being there at eight was a small miracle. After the DSZ race last Thursday I stayed at Vroc a bit late and chatted a couple of ours with Toon, one of the very best GPL drivers in Holland. I can be pretty happy when I beat a personal record with a couple of tenths and still being no where near a benchmark time, but he is more in the national and world record times kind of league. Truly a master of GPL. I watched him drive a couple of times now and that is how I would like to be able to drive when I grow up. Very cool. My hope is that it has something to do with experience because then one day I might be able to follow guys like that.

We discussed the online competition and what should be done to keep it attractive to the drivers. It seems that now people enlist very easily but Toon told me there have been races with as little as eight people at the start in his division, which is really a shame. In our division I think the lowest car count we had was eleven cars. So that’s not that bad in comparison.

Anyway time seems to pass faster when your doing something nice and if I remember correctly we said goodnight at a little over two am, far past my usual bedtime. Only three and a bit hours later my alarm clock made it’s usual noises and I almost missed it. Luckily I have three of ’em and they sure do mean business :-) but took them quite a while to get my attention. So when they finally did get through to me it was a race against time to get to work. I nearly made it as I punched in at one minute past eight but these are not great beginnings of the day, I tell you.

The rest of the day was okay with us being able to keep up with the number of calls coming in. No strange things happened anymore. When I went home just about the whole country seemed to be filled with cars. Everywhere the cars lined up and formed great jams. Not on my route home fortunately so I was home in little over one hour, which is almost normal.

For the rest of the evening I just did nothing much. The whole day I was feeling a bit cold and that didn’t pass when I got home. Finally I checked the thermostat and saw I that it was about sixteen degrees because I forgot to turn up the heating … duh! After turning it on full power it was getting warmer by the minute in my room. Man, sometimes I’m so stupid. Further I chatted a while with some friends and went to bed to get some sleep. This morning I felt a bit better but not 100% great yet, and still cold. We’ll take it slow this weekend and gain more energy.

Stay warm,

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