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Driving driving

Hi all. No I didn’t mean one of my race sims again, but since I went ‘home’ from work this afternoon I’ve been driving a lot through the evening and night.

First I had a appointment in Elst but needed to pick up some hardware (laptop) at my fathers store first. So from Best I drove to Katwijk, then from Katwijk to Elst (more about that later on) after that from Elst to Nijmegen (picked up Bas’ brother at the hospital) via Cuijk (picked up Bas) … and finally from Nijmegen (dropped Bas’ brother at snooker center) to Boxmeer, via Cuijk (dropped Bas off at home) again. Just about 195 kilometers of asphalt went in under the nose of my car and came out at the back :-)

In the mean time in Elst I installed the laptop and ADSL (featuring as a temporary replacement) and explained the basics of Windows 2000 Pro a little so the person using it could get it to work. Once we finally arrived at the snooker center I played 5 pretty good frames of snooker against Bas, (won 3-2 but not with much room for error as we both played pretty well :-) and now I’m finally home again.

So all in all it was quite a busy night. But a bit too much of a good thing I guess. My back is killing me (Seat – bad remember?) and my head hurts. Just a bit too much for comfort. So I’ll get my butt into bed and try to sleep it all away.


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