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Yeti @ home

Hi all. Someone once said ‘there is no business like snow business’ but I bet if he or she had driven the road I just did they would have thought again. What a mess on the roads the last couple of days. But today topped out for me.

While skidding my way home I almost lost the car. I was only driving a mere fifteen km an hour and somehow the rear end of the Seat tried to play tag with the front and started to overtake me … I just managed to get it back in line or else I would have had to scrape it off some trees. Seat bad again.

And a couple of kilometers further along the road I almost got hit by some s.o.b. in a mini-minivan (Suzuki Wagon R … off all vehicles) who must have thought size mattered and tried to take a piece of my road. Big mistake. First of all his mini-minivan wasn’t that much bigger than my car (maybe just a little higher) and second I’m not planning on giving up road space to anyone. Period. Call me selfish but my road is my road.

Anyway, he nearly hit me and slid across the road to the other side and half off the road. This would have made a great ‘near miss’ bonus in Burnout, I tell you. Bastard! Man I’m angry at that fellow! And even when I’m sitting here writing I still have about one and a half liter too much adrenaline in my system … Add to that the two hours and some minutes it took me to get home and you can imagine my mood at the moment. Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!!

Lesson: snow is fun, but only to look at, walk in and to throw with :-) But other than that it’s just one wet white mess. Juck. Right, I just needed to get that out of the way. Thanks for hearing me out. I feel much better already.

Since I had my share of excitement for now I’m thinking of making it a quiet evening, without too much stuff going on. Maybe there is something nice on tv. Or, if there isn’t, I might just give my beast of burden, the Grand Prix Legends BRM, some stick and try to get some speed in that car. The more I drive it the more I’m thinking of driving it in the next DSZ season. If only I could get it to go just a bit faster.

Snowman signing off,

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