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The Dig

Hi all. Yesterday morning I had to almost literally dig the Seat out of a mountain of snow. There was at least 15 cm all over the car. After cleaning most of it by wiping it around the doors off with the sleeve of my jacket I tried to open the door. No luck. The other front door, on the right. Also no luck. Both rear doors turned out to be frozen shut as well so the rear gate was all that was left to enter the car. I climbed all the way to the front, which considered the size of my car is not that easy, and tried to break out instead of get in. This worked but some little peace of plastic could not stand the precision bombing of my shoulder against the door and gave up. It’s now somewhere in the snow … Seat plastic also bad ;-)

The first part of the trip to my dads shop was still a bit slippery but the more I got to it the better it got. Only the fog got thicker and thicker and I do really hate fog. Gives me headaches. I don’t mind driving any kind of weather but fog (and snow, all right) is not funny. It’s not the part that you don’t quite see where you’re going but the staring into the grey stuff that give me headaches. This time unfortunately was no exception.

Yesterday evening I went to a good friend of mine and his family. The initial plan was to go out for snooker but we changed that into a movie night, which is good fun also so it didn’t matter. HE had just gotten himself a new box with toys (all kind of wires, a remote and some stuff) and the test was if we could get it to work in such a way that we could watch DvD on his TV. Somehow that had something to do with the movie part so we got to it. And after some fiddling it worked! Good for us.

The movie itself was Finding Nemo, thankfully in the original English version, which a joy to watch. Disney is making some great all family movies I tell you. This is one Biek is going to have for himself on DvD also, it’s just that nice. I recommend this one to every one who has for example seen Shreck, the Toy Stories, Ice Age, etc. and had a great time. You’re going to love this one also.

Keep on smiling,

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