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Snooker vs Airmiles

Hi all. Yesterday evening we were supposed to play a game of snooker for our regional competition in a town called Zevenaar. As usual I first picked up Bas, then we drove on to Nijmegen where Jaap would meet us at Matchroom, our snooker center. We all dived into Jaap his V40 (a very nice automobile by the way) and got underway to Zevenaar.

We got there nicely in time (which is something of a small miracle for us sometimes :-) but when we wanted to get in the normal door seemed to be shut. Then we tried the door next to it and that one was open. As soon as we got in we suspected something was not completely right. They we having a big renovation going on! So no snooker tables, no snooker team, etc. No nothing ;-)

Right. Off we went again, back to Nijmegen. I guess this one of our earliest returns of the season, but obviously I would have liked to play this match rather than being home early. We’ll figure out what went wrong on this one and plan it for another date.

Airmiles and snooker go well together,

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