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Monday again

Hi all. The weekend is gone again, but instead of the usual ‘geez where did it go?’ kind of Monday morning feeling it’s more of a ‘whoohoo, another two days off’ mood I’m in. That’s right 2 more free days! And it’s not that I don’t like my job or anything, au contraire baby (use your favorite Austin Powers accent here), but to have a couple of extra days of is always nice. Especially after an pretty exhausting weekend. By the way, in case you’re wondering: yes I just got up ;-) Buh … so sleepy …

Right now I’m just relaxing the time away with a nice Senseo Dark Roast® and reading up on some of the emails I got. Not the 125 junk mails (in just two days!!) but the ones that do matter. This has to be one of the biggest irritations in my life: spam!

This afternoon I’m going to visit my sister again (which is always nice of course) because we need to go over a few papers (the boring kind, yes indeed, but it has to be done) and then we had planned to watch a movie. That’s the good part. I think I’ll take Equilibrium with me. Very nice movie and I think she hasn’t seen it yet. I’m not sure yet if my bro-inlaw :-) Stevie will be home for the movie also, but we’ll see.

My sister promised to cook corn for diner. She better keep this one, hehe :-) It’s been a really long time since I had fresh cooked corn and it’s just so jummy! Whoohoo, I can hardly wait!

Signing off day one,

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