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Snooker & life

Hi all. Tonight I both won and lost.

First the good news: we won our competition snooker game tonight. Seven to two was the end score with seven being our part of the deal of course. Unfortunately one of the two lost frames was on my behalf but I have to admit I deserved to loose that one. Big time!

In Holland, or at least within our snooker team, we have a saying: gelijk een krant … Although I don’t know exactly how to translate this into good English imagine this: I missed even the simplest of pots by just about half a table length, and of which I’m sure my sister could have potted blindfolded. Truly sad to see.

The ‘funny’ part was that my opponent missed the same caliber of pots also so in the end it was a black ball frame decider. A worthy ending of a very crappy frame :-)

The bad news was the ‘life’ part of the title. Remember the ‘wuss’ topic from the 23rd of February? That’s resolved now. Unfortunately the outcome was not as I had hoped, though I was suspecting something like this was bound to happen. Bugger!

Even though I guess I’ll get over it in time I really am happy we talked about it and sorted things out. The whole thing was almost literally eating me up inside and now that we have things cleared up I’ll try and get back to my old life and get back into my old rhythm. Another thing is that somehow it’s also some sort of relief, strange as that may sound. I’m not sure how that all works but I think it’s good to now where I stand now.

Biek is back,

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