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Stand up

Hi all. Pssst, don’t tell anyone I was up this late (again?) as I tell everyone that I am trying to get a grip on the amount of sleep I get at night. This time however I have a good excuse: I it was my bartender shift and I just can’t kick everyone out at ten because poor old Biek needs his sleep, now can I?

Al and al I was back home about 10 minutes ago which I think is not that bad. It’s been much later some times trust me. The only thing is that I, just like I did the last time (how about that for a flat learning curve … duh!), forgot to grab a chair or something to sit on. Again I have been on my feet the entire evening and right now my back is killing me. Geez, you should have seen me crawl out of the cellar this evening. Also when I had to reach for drinks in the fridge I almost died. Hopefully I can sleep some of it off, the last time I was a wreck for about a week.


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