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Wok restaurant adventure

Hi all. I’m not sure weather you heard from wok cooking or not but that is what I did last night. And before you start thinking stuff like ‘poor guy, he’s never seen a wok before’ it is not the first time I was wok cooking! Especially since I got a wok for my birthday last year. In fact I got two but that is a whole different story :-)

However this time I was with friends at a genuine wok restaurant. First you seek out a plate with all kinds of items you’d like the cook to … euhm … cook and bake for you. Then, when you’re finished composing (thanks Dave :-) your meal you hand it over to the cook who cooks (man this is getting confusing, even for me :-) and bakes it for you in a sauce selected by you.

So the first plate I choose was filled with all kinds of fishies, some vegetables (mushrooms, onions, paprika’s, that sort of stuff) and a couple more things I didn’t know the name of but looked nice anyway :-) Then I had to choose the sauce. Again I didn’t know what the names meant so a little advice from my friend was in place. The sauces are divided into categories of how strong they are. Behind the names there are symbols of pepper. The more peppers, the hotter the sauce. So it was pretty simple. Lucky me :-)

My first sauce was a good old ‘two pepper’ one which was very nice. The plate I composed (thanks again Dave) was nice also, very nice even. I just love this kind of food. I think that maybe I only like pizza better and directly after comes this food type. Chinese, Indian, Greek, etc. Then of course the pasta’s … Yum yum. My second run was again with some other fishies and stuff and then I choose the 4 pepper sauce … I can still taste some of that in my mouth, geez that was spicy! Water, water! Aahh! But since I like spicy food this was very nice as well. I should definitely go back there or to a similar restaurant some time. And so should you.

Let the cook cook … euhm … your diner,

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