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We think it’s called snooker

Hi all. We did some snookering just now. Or at least I think we did. Don’t mind me, both my back and head hurt at the moment. Grrr. Let’s just get the facts lined up:

1) We were in Nijmegen at a snooker center
2) We brought cue’s
3) There were other people
4) They were waiting to challenge us
5) When the dust cleared, some administrative writing was done
6) Five to four in our advantage is what the form said in the end

So there you go. For some reason we seem to have won. Well one huge part was clear: Bas won all three of his frames, so kudo’s to you buddy, we needed you as always :-) Jaap and I both took one frame so that’s where the five total came from.

My first frame was okay enough. I made some nice pots so all and all I deserved to win that one. The other two I played on another table and that just didn’t work. I’m not sure how or why but I couldn’t get the white to go straight anymore. Man did I miss some easy pots. My sister could have potted those right-handed and blindfolded I’m afraid. Sjeesh.

Bottom line: we won and had a really good time. Very nice gents on the other team by the way, and that’s what counts most. Even though we could have had a somewhat better score.

Then there is that other thing. Something is wrong with my eye. The left one to be exact. Wrong may be a bit of a harsh term but it’s acting funny. On some occasions where I have been wearing myself out a bit (just can’t help it, sorry. the days are just too short) I noticed that I can’t focus with it correctly.

It’s mainly with the left eye. The eyelid also sometimes starts twitching a bit. I didn’t pay much attention to it as I was thinking it had something to do with me not sleeping too well or too long. But every now and then it keeps coming back, even when I did have enough rest. Strange things happen. There it goes again! I’m going to bed, spooky stuff this :-|

Get some rest,

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