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Me, myself and Brunel – Part Deux

Hi all. Yes yes, I had my what-will-happen-to-my-free-time-the-for-rest-of-the-year conversation with my employer today and I have to say it wasn’t quite so bad as it seemed in the first place.

We discussed that meeting we had last week and the study schedule that was laid out for us there. Also I presented my working/traveling vs free time calculations which were received with much understanding.

Then I made my counter proposal: I would like to try and become MCSA 2003 by the end of this year. That seemed like a task that I could reasonably get through so they agreed. :-) And this of course means Biek is quite happy again. I might be able to keep talking to you guys after all :-)

This MCSA training includes the four Core exams you need before you can choose the three elective exams to make it a complete MCSE 2003 certificate. The first two (Windows XP Professional and Windows 2003 Server) won’t be that hard I think since they are ‘simply’ successors to their Windows 2000 counterparts. Same base, more extra’s. Okay okay, so they obviously will need some work but they are not the most time consuming of them all.

The other two Core exams and the three electives will be a different story I think. They all contain material I have yet few of no experience with and with which I also have little to do during my daily work so this will be somewhat difficult I presume. However I can usually learn this stuff quite easily so when I put in the time I should be able to get passed those also. I hope :-)

The bookworm signing off,

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