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Not entirely well

Hi all. Sorry for not posting here for a couple of days. I’ve not been feeling that well. A bit of trouble with my stomach keeps me from doing all sorts of nice things, like posting here. Can’t keep solid food in quite well and anything stronger than thee is not received too well down there also.

Must be a temporarily thing, or at least I sure hope so. Maybe the flu, who knows. It’s not a really ugly thing though, and I’ve been working anyway so I’ll live but I miss my lunches :-) Today our supervisor thought it would be a good idea for me to get at least something small to eat for lunch but the two sandwiches I ate are stirring up all kinds of things inside already. No fun at all.

It’ll pass like it usually does, I’m sure. Apart from that minor inconvenience I’m doing fine. Tonight I’m free (as in no plans) so we’ll see what I’m going to do. Probably some computing since I’ve started my courses and I need to study and stuff. After I’ll do some couch potato-ing I’ll guess. We’ll see what I feel like.

Stay alive,

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