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Much better, thanks :-)

Hi all. I’m finally feeling a whole lot better this morning and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s just about time too. Man! The past few days have been not that great but the tides are turning. I was even able to keep in some solid food and coffee (yeah!) last night so we’re making vast progress.

Saturday evening Bas and I went to Jaap who celebrated the big 4-0. For no less then 40 years he has been walking the earth and he thought that was a good excuse to throw a party. And we agreed of course :-) Happy birthday to him. And many good years to come.

And on Sunday I had another birthday. My sister this time. 29 already. Time flies when you’re … erm … not watching *grin* She also threw a party and allthough I had planned on going there in the beginning of the afternoon I was there around seven. When I woke up I had decided that studying is better done in the morning when you’re fresh and awake than after a birthday party.

Aargh, I just realized we’re facing a long (normal that is) working week in comparison to last (and next) week so that needs some adjustments :-| Luckily next week should be a short one again :-) It’s a nice rhythm to get used to, a 4 days week. Of course like most of you know in my case a 4 day week still contains 5 days but that’s just me, hehe.

Good luck to all of us for this week,

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