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Yes yes, awake and all

Hi all. I’m awake … no really … I promise … I’m pretty sure I am … Zzz Zzz Zzz …

All right I know I shouldn’t have watched snooker last night and to be honest I didn’t watch all of it. But that was only because I fell asleep on the couch again :-) Yup, that was me …

Actually the ‘sleeping’ part of sleeping on the couch is not that bad, it’s comfortable enough. However the waking up part isn’t. Aargh … I feel just about every bone in my body now and it will take weeks, if not months, to recover from this little escapade.

Okay okay, maybe not that long and I do feel a little better knowing you’re reading this and probably feeling sorry for me (duh! as if … grow up Biek!) so we’ll be okay sometime this afternoon. I think …

After a nice sleep tonight it will all be fine in the morning. Wait a minute! Tonight there will be snooker again of course. And tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and … Oh man, looks like I’m not going to get much sleep these upcoming weeks …

More coffee, I need more coffee!!

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