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Human error

Hi all. When I was at Bas’ place last Thursday I installed another Nascar MOD for him, the 1988 Aero MOD, and two new add on tracks. Not that we were having a track shortage of some kind, (or somebody must believe that no less then 86 tracks might not be enough to last a racing weekend) or that we were getting bored from winning on all of them all the time. (oh yeah, sure we are … ;-)

But all these mods we have can be divided into two categories: Nascar and non-Nascar. And with non-Nascar I mean stuff like the Trans-Am MOD for example which, by the way, doesn’t contain a single Trans-Am so where that name came from … beats me :-)

With the big Nascars I love ‘doing’ the ovals. These big tracks like Daytona, Indianapolis or Talladega are a joy to drive. Incredible speeds, 40 cars on the track at once and a couple of hundred laps to go. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Or does it? The biggest difference with the non-Nascars (we’ll call them TA’s from now on) is that we run those on so called road courses. ‘Normal’ tracks if you like. More the kind of circuit you’d see at for example Formula One races. The TA’s car pack consist of Dodge Vipers, Chevrolet Corvette’s, Ford Mustang and Jaguars.

Running the TA’s on these road courses is so much fun, I can’t begin to describe how much. (But I sure will try some day, believe me :-) It’s a little like Grand Prix Legends, only bigger and bolder cars. Imagine a big V8, a six gear squential gearbox and killer brakes and you should get a decent picture.

The two new tracks I installed for Bas’ Nascar were Le Mans, in the GPL 1967 layout, and a new track called Old Ring. When we did a few try out laps on this track we both did lap times of about 2.07.xx … something, instantly liking this track very much.

Bas then said that he thought that with a little practice we should be able to beat the two minute limit on that track some day. Me being the always skeptic one thought that would take quite some practice then since it’s not a difficult track to learn but to go really fast it would require lot’s of laps.

Well after doing quite some laps yesterday I’m pretty proud to announce that my current fastest lap was a 1.50.xx something … so I guess Bas was right after all :-) What a confidence that guy has in our driving skills sometimes, really great. We’ll be doing more and more laps there so there should even be some more time to win.

Predal to the metal,

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