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Hi all. Newsflash: ‘A new virus called Sasser has already infected millions of computers worldwide.’ Yeah right, sure. And lets not forget a couple of thousand pc’s over here at Philips Medical Systems ;-)

Last week I’ve been sick at home but when I woke up this morning I decided I was feeling okay enough to go again … How about that for bad timing hehe. When I got here at half past six someone was already calling with ‘Headquarters’ about some ‘network’ problem. The problem however was not the network but the Sasser virus that, from only a couple of infected computers, had been creating so much network traffic that our routers overloaded and collapsed.

Needless to say that affected hundreds and hundreds of users. And what do hundreds of user do when ‘stuff’ is not working? They call us at the Servicedesk …

So from seven until about half past nine we were kind of busy. Then it became very, very, quiet. The first thing we did this morning was enter a message in the phone system that we were having serious network problems and I guess that most of the people knew what was going on and stopped calling us. ‘Good thinking Batman’ … LOL

The rest of the afternoon we’ll only got an incidental call from people who just came in and don’t know what’s going on, but that should be it. Time passes slowly on days like this, I tell you. Luckily I’m able to go home early, having made an early start this morning.

By the way, this virus could affect your machine also so you might want to patch your system against it. Read all about it here and follow the instructions. What you need to install is security update 835732 and your safe again.

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