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Hi all. It was time for it: another race weekend. While the Formula One race itself was nothing special, maybe even a bit boring (whoops, was that me talking?) we, Bas and myself, still enjoyed ourselves anyway. By the way with boring I mean nothing truly exiting or spectacular happened. No great overtaking maneuvers etc, the red ones simply won … again :-)

The Saturday evening is our newly instated snooker practice time so after diner (which was pizza of course) we first went snookering. To keep things friendly overhere I’ll keep it short: my snookering is still going great :-)

Later back home we did some racing but we were not focused enough to race 20+ AI drivers and after several restarts we gave up on them amateurish … b*sterds … Man they can be irritating sometimes. And now that I think of it: most of the time actually. Geez …

A little disappointed on both our own and their performance we decided to call it a day and go to sleep.

= This is the sleeping part of this weekend =

The Sunday went a little better allthough we still got road rammed by the AI for no reason whatsoever. The sad thing is that both Bas and I trained hard enough to be on pole and the number two position but when we braked so much as half a meter early for turn one we got rammed of the road by the AI drivers. No fun.

Then we switched from road courses to ovals, hoping that we’d be able to get a good start there since there is virtually no turn one to brake for … I’m not sure of you know the payout of Daytona oval, but it’s basically on normal oval with one straight straight and one bent straight. This shouldn’t be to hard to do we thought …

Well, to say the least, we couldn’t have been more wrong … They turned out to be very eager to win the race at ‘turn’ one. Sometimes even before we had started the race, still running nicely behind the pace car. Just trying to squeeze in between Bas and me, pushing me off the road several times.

We made one good start and pulled it of because Bas was so kind to create a small gap between him and the pace car and then accelerating somewhat so that I could quickly creep in behind him, blocking the number three from getting passed me.

Right. I think we were able to have a run from about ten to fifteen laps before we something went wrong and we went in and out of the wall (and into pieces) again. We gave up racing AI again, and this time for the rest of the day. No fun at all.

We spend the rest of the Sunday messing around with Vice City, LockOn, Virtual Snooker, etc with which we had loads of fun. And that’s just what these weekends are all about: having as much fun as possible. All in all we succeeded pretty well.

Nascar can be fun, trust me,

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