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Biek’s snookering is still strong

Hi all. Man this snooker-is-easy thing is going to be so hard when it stops … We’ve been playing snooker again and I’m really disappointed because I lost 2 frames the entire evening. Talking about arrogance, geez! I have to watch out before this is going to my head and get’s out of control, hehe. Whoohoo! Going nuts and loving it, whahaha.

No need to worry though, since I did loose those frames there is a slight possibility that I’m not ready for the World Championship so I won’t quit my job just yet *grin* We’ll see, ask me in a couple of weeks from now how thing are going. Hmm on the other hand maybe you shouldn’t … oh well

Tomorrow morning I’m having another appointment with my doctor, I had one this morning as well, to hopefully pick up my medical statement which should help me solve some problems and unfinished business that has something to do with a previous employer who went out of business. I’ll better get some sleep before I miss my appointment, so I catch you all later tomorrow.

The snooker King, (Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Last time I promise ;-)

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