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Mind the gap

Hi all. Holy where-did-the-wall-go Batman!? In case you think I’ve lost my mind, relax, I haven’t. Today was the first day of my dad’s ‘let’s get rid of the glass’ project with his house and my God, did he get rid of it …

When I drove up to the house my first thought was ‘wow’ … Where once was a almost complete glass front of the old store, there now was one huge gap. I mean there wasn’t a single brick left of the two wall that where once there. Truly impressive.

My dad had slept quite good last night, even though he did have some thoughts on the ‘what if’ part of the rebuilding. After all in the old shop there were some very robust steel pillars that more or less supported the entire higher part of the house.

So the big ‘what if’ was what if the pillars are gone … will the rest stay up there? Well it did, and my dad says that it wasn’t a coincidence, so that’s reassuring, right?

After visiting the ruins ;-) I stayed over for diner and we had Chinese. The food that is, that other thing is still illigal I think ;-)

Well see how it continues,

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