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Biek – the one who knows cars

Hi all. I’d like to nominate myself for goofus of the week. Or at least of the last week. Can you remember the post about the Fiat, how I got it and what I thought of it? Yes? D*mn, that means I can’t edit it into something less stupid.

Let me explain this. In the Netherlands we now have a couple of hot days and one of Biek’s major problems is the weather. Warm weather that is. I just can’t stand the sun, it gives me headaches faster than I can write about it and after 5 minutes in direct, strong bright sunlight I’m starting to feel sick.

Today I made the unforgivable mistake of having my lunch outside, nicely in (yes you guessed it) the sun. Muriel, our head of the Servicedesk, really liked to go eat outside and it didn’t look that hot in the beginning. That all changed when we sat down and the sun could freely have it’s way with me.

They always say that brighter colors reflect the sunlight better but my pale skin seemed to attract about 99.2 % (Biek’s estimated guess) of all the sunlight available. I was a big boy and sat out that lunch but I swear I’ll never do that again. Ever. Sorry ’bout that Muriel … it’s just not working well for me.

Right now I feel really nauseous inside, not very good at all. Like when you have the flu but in a strange burning from inside kind of way. Combine that with a major headache and you’ll get the picture … Hope I can sleep it away.

Back to the car. As I was driving Erik and myself home I was not getting much happier from the thought that underway to Le Mans Bas and I were probably going to get a whole lot hotter than this. Not a pleasant thought. This Fiat has no air-conditioning so it’s like having your own private microwave ride home.

When I dropped Erik off at his home, I was fiddling with the buttons and stuff on the Fiat’s dash while he was getting out and guess what:


God I feel stupid. Here I was, driving around in a car that’s way to hot for my likings and all I would have had to do was push in the dial for setting the fan speed …


Why do Italian car builders have to be so different than Japanese or USA car manufacturers? Can’t they just make a button called A/C? Or something that even looks like a airco button? That would have saved me so much trouble and aggravation.

I’ll never forgive them for this. Grrr.

Strange folks those Italians,

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