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Hi all. Must be the grieve I have about not going to Le Mans that made me forget to tell you folks: Biek now has HOTAS. Yes yes, last Saturday morning we (Bas, Maikel and I) went to Aalsmeerderbrug (I know I know, that is almost the end of the country) to the Luchtvaart Hobby Shop.

Imagine a huge hall kind of store with everything even slightly related to aviation. Plastic model kits, ready made models, books, etc. And they have a very exclusive collection of computer accessories available and that’s why we were there.

HOTAS. Hands On Throttle And Stick. It’s a joystick for playing pc flight simulators. But where usual joysticks simply have one base with a stick and a couple of buttons a HOTAS has two separate units, one stick unit and the other a throttle unit. Both of them have quite a number of buttons and shift options so the amount of programmable key presses are almost unlimited. This time the sky is actually the limit ;-)

It’s the Saitek X-45 HOTAS (view here) and it’s really cool. Not only does the stick offer a much smoother control of the airplane but the throttle unit is what makes it so d*mn good. As I yet don’t fully understand all the functions of the throttle unit (hey I’m only human after all) I’ll have to get back with you guys on the how and what part. But I will do so in time.

HOTAS rocks,

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