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Pfew, it wasn’t me :-)

Hi all. Remember the forum crash I told you about? It wasn’t me. Honestly. I swear.

And luckily for me Hi-Hat (the man upstairs so to speak :-) has briefly told me that it had nothing to do with me, but that they just needed a good laugh and I was a) in the neighborhood and b) have been posting quite a lot on the forum so …

Anyway, I also like a good laugh so I don’t mind at all. This kind of publicity is just what I need to get my name spread like lightning. So now each and everyone knows me and knows what they can expect *grin*

Mr. Wolf, our webmaster, is already working on a new forum so when that one is operational I’ll just start filling that one also. Ain’t no stopping me then, hehe.

Bring on the new forum,

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