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Disaster again

Hi all. When is this going to end? Yesterday evening my computer crashed, again, leaving me no option other than to reinstall the d*mn thing again. Now this time I figure it’s more or less my own fault, however it shouldn’t be possible.

So what happened? First some data on the machine:

My motherboard is a Abit IC7- Max 3 with a Intel (what else? ;-) Pentium 4 @ 3.2GHz Cpu on there. The Cpu however at the moment runs at 2.8GHz for some strange reason and I’ve never looked into that but yesterday evening (thank God I waited until after my flight with the 504th …) I started to try out and mess with the Cpu speed settings.

After 3 times trying out a different value my computer crashed out with a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) while booting XP and it didn’t get back online. I selected Bios defaults, optimal, etc. nothing but the BSOD happened. And again, and again … Even safe modus didn’t get me back online.

Now that I’ve reinstalled XP on a different harddrive I found out that my complete profile folder is unaccesable. The properties says it’s zero bytes, but with a data recovery progam I’ve managed to get about 4GB out of there, being my mail, favorites and My Documents folder. The most important 4GB’s so to speak.

Well tomorrow evening and a bit more on Sunday I’ll be trying to get it back online the old way, because I really don’t want to do a complete reinstall again. Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay? Thanks!

To be continued … I hope,

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