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Can you spell ‘Bummer’ ?

Hi all. ‘Mixed feelings about this last weekend, I have. Very sad it is. Hope we must have, strong we must be’. The old and wise Yoda couldn’t have said it better ;-) This weekend I got the sad message that our hearing didn’t have the wanted result, and that’s putting it quite lightly …

The psychic people from the GAK have decided that, allthough they admit I had a bad year in two thousand and two and all, that is not enough reason for not getting the paperwork done in time so they rejected my request and now I’m basically back to square one.

For a second there it seemed that all the hard work, most of which put in by my dear sister, was in vain. I mean when they just don’t care and basically tell you to go scr*w yourself you’re not happy. Not happy at all. B*asterds!

We’ll now get together again sometime this week I think and look at our options. We can’t just leave it at this, but I really don’t know what options we have left.

This just really freaks me out, mad is a understatement at this point,

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