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Big screens are fun until …

Hi all. Yeah people, big screens are fun until … they stop working of course. Oh yes folks, as if things at the moment were not a little cloudy already to say the least, yesterday evening my fine 21″ monitor stopped working …

For some time now it gave ‘click’ every now and then, like the sound you hear when it changes resolution. Kind of a little metallic click. You know, that degaus kind of sound.

Well this time it was one final, much louder, click and all that was left on my screen was a extremely bright white line, exactly horizontal and in the middle of the screen. It was so bright that I turned my screen off imediately because it just didn’t look good.

Just my luck I guess. What is it these days? Do I just attract bad luck or what? This is getting on my nerves bit by bit.

The spare 17″ I put up there now (luckily I got the thing back in time, I picked it up at my dads place just last Sunday) has a really small screen. I know, it’s still 17″ but compared to my 21 it’s almost iPAQ sized small …

This just isn’t my week I guess, let’s all hope it passes with the speed of light and a better one comes along. Don’t like this week, not at all.

This message was recorded using an iPAQ …

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