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0.007 seconds …

Hi all. Yes that ‘just’ about sums up my weekend (again ;-).

Bas and I had another one of our grate race weekends. During those we race (doh!) all kinds of sims and/or mods. This time we mainly used the Sports Car Challenge mod for EA’s F1 Challenge.

From the start he’s been driving the Saleen S7R and my killer ride was the Chevrolet Corvette C5R, both of them in Le Mans editions. That brutally raw V8 roar is simply unbeatable. Unfortunately the Corvette isn’t, as I found out this weekend :-|

The ‘problem’ with EA’s F1 Challenge and it’s mods is that, when doing a multiplayer session, there is no extra AI cars you can race against. This means it’s just the two of us, during practice and race. So what we usually do is just try and get the fastest lap in. After that we declare a circuit to be his, or mine, depending who’s the fastest that day.

What’s quite funny is that we’re both completely different in driving styles. Bas likes to brake really late, smack that car around the corner and floor it again, while I’m more of a early braking person so, halfway through the corner, I can step on it sooner. After a number of rounds our lap times are almost the identical, as it was the case this weekend on a couple of circuits.

First we drove on Hockenheim, which was ‘his’ already and will probably stay his forever as that circuit simply doesn’t suit me. Can’t get the speed in the last sector ‘up’ and I loose about two to three seconds on that part of the track only. Somehow I can’t get or keep the speed there.

Then it was time for Spa, which is one of my favorite tracks of all time. The ‘relaxing’ straights and nice combinations of medium and tighter turns combined with it’s length make this track a winner in my book. And let’s not rule out Ea Rouge, the turn of turns! Great track.

Because Bas was a lot faster over there too I started to worry a little. Not that I mind him being faster but the amount of time he was just wasn’t right. Not on that track. So I put away the Vette and got myself a Saleen S7R also. Well that made quite a difference (see title ;-), much more than I expected (or was hoping maybe …).

In the end we were no less than 0.007 seconds apart in lap times. Him being the slightly faster this time. He probably misjudged a turn, braked a little too late and was able to keep his Saleen on the track and there got the 0.007 seconds margin … or something like that *grin*

Anyway, that was a bit more like the difference we see a lot. No matter if it’s Sports Car Challenge, Nascar, Grand Prix Legends, etc. When the smoke clears and we’re able to look at the scoreboard, we’re there. Bumper to bumper, front wing to diffuser or door handle to door handle.

Finally we did some laps on the long version of Watkins Glen and that one is mine! Mine! Mine! (sorry about that … ;-) Me being faster is of course due to me doing loads of laps there with Nascar and therefore knowing the track quite well, and the fact that we only did half an hours worth of laps, so that may not have been fair to Bas who simply didn’t have much time to get used to the track.

But right now I don’t care really, faster is faster hehe. Besides I’m sure he’ll beat me there too someday. But until then … Mine! *grin*

To finish the day we also did some flightsimming but that was a slight disaster for me too. We did some missions with IL2 – Forgotten Battles (the WW2 plane sim) but either I crashed out or got shot dow so not a great day for as much as flying was concerned.

And how was your weekend?

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