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Biek wins Dutch Grand Prix

Hi all. Har har, yes you did read that right: it was me, and I did it in quite a nice way if I say so myself :-)

The track was Zandvoort, one I like very much for two reasons. One of them obviously is the fact that I’m able to drive it very well, but I guess that’s a property that makes just about every track a nice one :-)

And the other is the fact that Zandvoort has quite an easy layout and therefore is pretty easy to learn. To go fast there is another story, but that’s normally just a matter of putting in the laps. Practice, practice, practice. And then practice some more *grin*

It began with me taking the pole position during the practice session so I was on the right side of the front row. El nummero uno so to speak. Even though it wasn’t my absolutely fastest time there by far, it sure was enough to be ahead of the others this time. Hehe, ‘eat my dust!’ he cried out loud …

When the green flag dropped the crying was still there but changed pitch somewhat this time because the two cars next to me and even almost one behind me were gone before I knew it. D*mn my pole vaporized like snow in the sun. Gone in 0.3 seconds … So I dived into turn one number three … grrr … bugger! Their tire brand must be Pattex or something like that.

Well no harm done just yet. You never, ever, win a race in turn one and there were still 14 laps of happy motoring fun ahead of us so they better step on it! Just need to keep my head cool (in this heat!? Argh …) and take back what was rightfully mine: P1.

Since I was on pole I should be faster in lap times than any of them so it should merely be a matter of time before I was to catch up and get my P1 back. Easier said than done, especially since you start the race on cold tires (doh, I know) so before you can really open up the throttle you have to wait a couple of laps … no really, you do ;-) Wait.

Well it took me about five laps to get things ‘heated up’ but then I was right behind a chap named Hill … And I mean right behind him. The serial number of his transmission is #37816 … LOL

This tailgating continued for a couple of laps and then the three of us were coming up on the first back markers. Both Clark and Hill decided to wait until they could easily pass him but I saw a gap and just went for it.

That worked and poor mister Hill was now demoted to P2. That’ll teach him, taking my position. Next one on my list was Clark who could do nothing but watch as I found another gap and passed him too, just a couple of corners away from where I overtook Hill. Back in P1 baby, yeah!

Now it was just a matter of flooring it and create a gap between me and the other Lotus’ as they were not likely to make a mistake and would be knocking on my backdoor quite soon again. At some point I managed to make it about fifteen seconds and then I suspect they finally passed the BRM that was holding them up … amateurs! Whahaha.

The flooring bit was easier said than done as I’m much better in closing a gap than I am in creating and maintaining one but in the end it was me who won with a mere 2 seconds lead on Clark. They say winning is winning and that’s what I did so you’ll never hear me complaining. It was a very nice race and in the first couple of laps (the gap closing event) I managed to put in the fastest lap of the race also so in the GPL News that comes up afterwards there was a whole lot of Biek being mentioned :-)

Round and round we go,

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